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Director of Saint-Petersburg scientific Research Institute of Phthisiopulmonology
Chief surgeon of the Healthcare Committee of St. Petersburg Govermnement
Chief specialist of Thoracal surgery of the Ministry of Health of Russin Federation
Dean of the Medical faculty  St. Petersburg State University
President of the National Association of  Phthisiologists
President of the Russian Association of Thoracic Surgeons
Member of the  European Society of Thoracic Surgeons (ESTS) and  European Respiratory Society(ERS)

The main stages

Graduated State Medical Institute Medical Faculty in Kishinev in 1982 as medical doctor. 

Then entered the clinical residency in Union Scientific Research Institute of Pulmonology in Leningrad and received specialization in surgery.  Continued researching activities in the Scientific Research Institute of Pulmonology in Leningrad.

In 1989 defended PhD thesis on clinical, experimental and genetics research in transplantation of  lungs "Clinical and morphological characteristics with bronchiectasis in Sievert-Kartagener syndrome, treatment particularly".  

Performed surgery on transplantation of isolated lungs, complex "heart-lung", and trachea. In 1991 have internship course at the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Professor H. Borst-A (highest German Medical School Hannover, Germany). 

In 2000 defended doctoral dissertation at Scientific Research Institute of Pulmonology in St. Petersburg and got degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences.  

Since August 2005, began operations of endarterectomy of  pulmonary artery in patients with chronic postembolic pulmonary hypertension, and in August 2006 was the first in Russia  successful bilateral lung transplantation together with G.Massard.  

In 2009 started position of Director of Saint-Petersburg Scientific Research Institute of Phthisiopulmonology. 

In 2010 developed a new anti-TB drug.
Contribution of Science

Dean and Professor of the Medical faculty of the Saint-Petersburg State University/ Lecture course in surgery, supervision and tutoring of post graduates in surgery and phthisiology 11 PhD, consulted  1 Doctors of sciences.  Developed a program of the St. Petersburg State University "Lung transplantation"

Participation in editorial board of professional and scientific journals. Member of editorial boards of the journals "Surgery Bulletin", "Transplantology", Saint-Petersburg State University Bulletin", Editor-in-chief of the Journal "Medical Alliance".

Current sphere of particular interests are robotic surgery technics in oncology diseases of lungs and tuberculosis, immunogenetics.


2006 - The winner of the All-Russian competition "Best Physician of the Year" in the category "The Best Surgeon"

2007 - Awarded honorary degree "Honored Physician of the Russian Federation" by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation

2013 - Laureate of the Russian Federation Government Prize in theoretical and practical learning aid "Innovative forms of ocular demonstration of theoretical and educational activities to retain healthy life and studies of basics in medicine knowledge in educational facilities



Have over 500 Publications.

Main Publications (in English):

  1. One stage allotransplantation оf thoracic segment of the trachea in a patient with idiopathic fibrosing mediastinitis and marked tradeal stenosis. Cardiothoracic Surgery. - 1993.- № 7.- Р.383-386. Levashov Y.N., Yablonsky P.K., Cherny S.M., Orlov S.V., Shafirovsky B.B., Kuznetzov I.M. 
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  3. Comparison of different modes for lung preservation.  ExConsilio.- 1998. - Vol. 2, № 4.-Р. 237-243.Nikolaev G.V., Danilov L.N.
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  9. Tuberculosis drug based on 4-thioureido-iminomethylpyridinium perchlorate: method of preparation and treatment. Patent of Canada. CA 2,794,439 C     Owners: Joint Stock Company «Pharmasyntez». – Application number PCT/IB2011/051566; Priority date 20. 04.2010; Filling date 12.04.2011; Issued 31.03.2015. Gushchin A.S., Vinogradova T.I., Batyunin G.A., Zabolotnyh N.V., Vasilieva S.N., others

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